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Professional damp proofing services

Protect your property walls with efficient damp proofing services by North East Damp and Preservation.

Damp can cause serious damage to your property walls. The effective control of damp is necessary to protect your property. Here at North East Damp and Preservation, we can help you protect your property walls and prevent rising damp from damaging your property. You can rely on us for both preventive and remedial damp proofing works.

Untreated rising damp can be dangerous for your property. Timely surveys and effective solutions can prevent rising damp, and help you protect your property. Our team of damp proofing professionals have years of experience in providing high-quality damp proofing solutions. You can also rely on us for the prevention and treatment of wet and dry rot.

Effective dry and wet rot treatment

North East Damp and Preservation offers efficient dry and wet rot removal services at competitive prices.

Dry rot can easily pass through the timber, brickwork and masonry of your property and cause damage. Spotting dry and wet rot at its early stage is important to prevent serious damage to your property. You can rely on our dedicated team to identify any signs of dry and wet rot in your property through a thorough survey.

Removing the source of dampness is the only solution to eliminate dry and wet rot from your property. Our team can help in identifying the source of dampness, remove all the affected timber, and sterilise the affected area to prevent rot from reappearing. 

Reliable woodworm treatment services

North East Damp and Preservation provided woodworm treatment for affected wooden structures in Newcastle and across Tyne and Wear.

Woodworm is a common pest in the UK that can cause damage to the timber structure of properties. Woodworm can affect old and new properties equally and has to be prevented from spreading to avoid unwanted repair works. We can help you identify the areas affected by woodworm and treat it effectively.

We have developed an efficient methodology to identify and treat woodworm infestations in your property. We first identify any wood-boring insects present in your property. Following which, we check if the infestation is active or inactive. We use safe insecticides for the treatment of the affected wood.

Timber treatment and repairs

For effective timber treatment, you can rely on North East Damp and Preservation. We serve customers in Newcastle and across Tyne and Wear. 

The timber in your property is vulnerable to various external threats such as dampness, and dry and wet rot. This can cause damage to the structure of your property. Timely prevention and treatment of timber is important for the safety of your property, and to avoid costly repairs in the future.

At North East Damp and Preservation, we use environmental-friendly methods for the timber treatment of your property. We only use chemicals and solutions that are perfectly safe.

Comprehensive plastering services

At North East Damp and Preservation, we can make sure that your property’s walls are free from damp and moisture.

Ensure the durability of your property walls with our efficient plastering services. Our team of experts can make sure that your property walls are free of moisture and dampness. We use top-quality materials for all our project and ensure that we provide personalised service to our customers.

We can provide plastering services for domestic and commercial properties. Whether you are looking for traditional plastering or modern plastering, we can do it for you.


You can rely on the specialists at North East Damp and Preservation for efficient condensation control work. Based in Newcastle, we serve customers across Tyne and Wear.